Sunday school

This is a spiritual organization functioning in all the parishes of the Church throughout Kerala and various parts of the world outside the State. It takes care of the spiritual nurturing of the children, by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ Church. It imparts knowledge and wisdom to the students at their young age so that they can be groomed as the future soldiers of the Church and its Faith. The curriculum consists not only of biblical studies but also encompasses church history, liturgy, sacraments and contemporary social problems affecting the church life. The classes are conducted in Malayalam for the children in Kerala and for others in English. The classes range from Pre-primary classes to the 12th class.


Yuvadeepthi-KCYM is the youth apostolate of Kanjirapally Diocese. Yuvadeepthi is a part of KCYM – Kerala Catholic Youth Movement, which is affiliated to ICYM – Indian Catholic Youth Movement. The word “Yuvadeepthi” is a combination of the two words “Yuva” & “Deepthi”. “Yuva” means youth and “Deepthi” means light… Yes, we are to give the light of Jesus to our youth! In Kanjirapally Yuvadeepthi was born on December 3rd 1977 by the initiatives of the Bishop Mar. Joseph Powathil, Bishop of Kanjirappally, one of the founders of Yuvadeepthi. Rev. F. George Koloth was the first Director. During the last 33 years 8 directors, ## Animators,31 Executive bodies and thousands of youth leaders passed through the narrow gate of formation to enter into the wide world with proud and smartnes. Thanks to Yuvadeepthi

Mathru Jyothis

Mathru Jyothis is a fellowship of the mothers of the parish recognizing Mother Mary as the model of our faith, family and community life. This group has been vibrant in our Church since its inception- providing support to our church`s spiritual, cultural, social and organizational activities. The members of the Mathru Jyothis are primarily all the mothers of the parish. Our mission is to grow and share a caring, supporting and encouraging fellowship of mothers by nurturing body, mind, and spirit through friendship, prayers and offering service to each other. The spirit of Mathru Jyothis is to promote happy and devotional families in our parish. This forum provides the mothers a voice in our church community. In essence, Mathru Jyothis contributes to all aspects of parish activities to support and strengthen its vision to grow as one worshiping community.

Pithru Vedi

Pithruvedi is an association functioning at the parish level and its membership is open to all married male members of families belong to our Parish. The Patron saint of the association is St. Joseph, whose total submission to the will of God, zealous protection of the holy family and characteristic temperance should guide every head of the family. The association stands for spreading the message of true Christian Love, Social Justice, the Virtues of Tolerance such as Compassion, Charity and a favourable disposition towards sick and the poor. The challenge faced is to contextualize and give practiced interpretation to these percepts, such that our community feels the impact. Much depends on imaginative programmes we design on the , success in their implementation and the commitment level of its members.